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Here is the latest delivery of the community report. You can also find it on our forum and react to it there (or in this list)!

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Update on call for proposal

The call for proposal received until now 6 proposals! Still only two persons have shown interest in being part of the decision process in allocating funds. To make it really a community process, please take part in it by writing to me or writing on the thread on the forum.
To allow for enough time, the call is extended until Sunday 17th midnight, don't feel shy and take part in the process of deciding how the money is allocated - this will take place from Monday 18th till Wednesday 20th without requiring participation in a meeting.

Translation of social and solidarity economy vocabulary

The translation of the first iteration of social and solidarity economy filters has started in wikibase, with already more than 5 languages (including english, german, spanish, croatian, hungarian, slovenian,
gaelic, farsi,...). .You can check out the translations with the language selector on the top of the site.


New overview of the Transformap (socio-technical) architecture

Jon Richter put together some more explanation of how Transformap broadly envision the process of connecting the maps and the vocabularies they use to describe alternative economies.
Another sketch roughly describes the process of creating new maps and connecting them to the Transformap architecture. Feel free to ask questions, make comments!

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