Dear all,

Thank you (through Silke) so much for all the communications so far - and what an exciting tool you have been developing! Congratulation on this from Helsinki!

We had a small meeting last week, and coming out of that would like to be ask a question.

How does TransforMap deal with the question of who gets to be on the map? How do we assess the issue of the risk of the map not becoming a tool for "green washing" of activities?
This question is coming out of the context, that whilst we have been discussiing/talking/writing around the subject of solidarity economy for some years now in our corners, and some development of activities has happened inspired by solidarity economy discussions (like development of our helsinki timebank) as awell some linking up of actors has happened inspired by solidarity economy discussions - we have not gotten yet any further with our mapping. We did come to a process outline regarding 'strengthening solidarity economy in Finland', which entailed a strong element that joining the map would also mean having a commitment (alread in ones practices) to solidarity economy values, and a will to become part of a process, which has elements of linking up with other actors, sharing, discussions etc. So not a case of a few people mapping first all kind of examples, and after that try to contact actors to do something more together, but the other way around; mapping, joining on the map, would from the start out be attached to walking along in a process.
So then how to see the question - can TransforMap be a tool for us related to our process, or will it be open to any actor to place itself? If so - will it then in anyway be possible to identify actors belonging to our process?

Related to this then, will it in the future be possible for us to have an own interview/process questionaire attached to the coming on the map? So like you are now having the testing phase questionnaire, will it be possible to have our own process questionnaire tool, via which actors get on board of the map&our process?

Thank you :)

with greetings from Finland,

On 26 February 2015 at 19:55, Silke Helfrich <> wrote:
Dear all,

finally, after a year of discussions on how the INITIAL TransforMap Taxonomy might look like the "badgers", aka Taxonomy Team of Transformap, proudly present version1.0. of 3 category groups

- Needs fulfilled by a community
- Self-Description of a community
- Mode of interaction

(except the items we've put on the watchlist)

These (and only these) categories are now ready to be...
- presented to the Open Street Map community (Michael and Silke will care for)
- translated into other Languages (@Diane; this is a GO! @Ruby if you wish to work on a Finish version, go for it...)
- the basis for the global testmapping we are about to launch during the Mapping Month May (mmm) and therefore

They are:
- the basis for the entry mask Michael Vesely and/or Daniel Janz are about to share with us
- as well as the basis for the TransforMap testionnaire, all of you can use

Please NOTE: the data is ONLY up to date in our OSM Wiki (NOT in the ethercalc) and it is ONLY UP TO DATE IN ENGLISH, NOT in German.

We will soon integrate a few examples as this facilitates the process of beeing accepted by OSM.

Any questions regarding the use of the taxonomy,
please let me know.

The launch of the testmapping will follow soon, I guess.

All the best
for the badgers

@Michael; if I forgot sth. important, please reply simply to this e-mail.

@international colleagues: as I am not sure who has subscribed the global mmm list, I've put a few adresses in here, please make sure you subscribe to avoid crosspostings