I wouldn't mind doing one here in Barcelona. OSCEdays hasn't met in a while and it'd be a good excuse :)

Anyone else? And tomorrow(!) is out of the question but have dates converged for other groups joining in later this month?



El 03/04/2016 13:41, Jason Nardi escribió:

Thanks Adrien,
RIPESS is also promoting MapJam internationally, since last year.  I think we should join forces on this to promote it towards the many initiatives that participated in Solikon, for instance.  It's a bit late... but maybe we can ask together to the organisers if they could send a message to all who participated, inviting them to join the MapJam 3.0.  Maybe a few will...

2016-03-31 10:53 GMT+02:00 Adrien Labaeye <adrienlabaeye@gmail.com>:
Dear Transformap friends and contributors,

Our friends from Shareable are organizing a global map jam to put sharing on the map. The idea is to start a map of sharing resources/initiatives in your community/city.
We have supported Shareable in putting together the technical part of their MapJam Guide, in particular in explaining how to use the open source mapping app uMap instead of Google Maps. Please see below for more information.

All the best,

Whether you are a current MapJam host or you hosted the last time around and have been deciding if you'll be joining us in April, we want to share this years Host Guide with you. 

This years #MapJam is scheduled for April 4th-17th, but many groups will be mapping later in the month, so there is still plenty of time to join us.

For those who have been patiently waiting, we are very sorry for the delay. We had a whole plan on how this years mapping was going to go, but unfortunately the mapping platform won't be ready this April.  So we have been working diligently in the background to come up with a solution that should work great.

In addition to offering the Host Guide, we would also like to invite you to an online #MapJam Q&A session this Thursday and a training for how to use uMap next Monday.

The Host Guide (A treasure trove of resources to successfully coordinate their event including sections outlining: how and why to host a #MapJam, how to recruit participants, how to map, what to include on your map and how to share and leverage your map in your cities and communities.) 

Sample Press Release (For Local Events)

#MapJam Webinars:

-#MapJam Q&A Session March 24th, 11am (pst) (***Click on the link to join***)

-How to map with uMap March 29th, 9am (pst) (***Click on the link to join***)

 Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Tom @ Shareable

Shareable · 487 Central Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States
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