Hi Jon,

any news?  As RIPESS we've discussed your proposal [TransforLab] and are ready to engage.  But we need to have some written info... and the time necessary to have any formal documentation ready.

I also would like to relaunch my proposals (see message below) to the whole collective.  In particular, as Solidarius Italy we're working with the Italian CNR (National Research Center) on a project application for the development and implementation of the existing Solidarius platform to help the build-up and consolidation of solidarity economy territorial networks.  I think it would be really useful if on the work Transformap has done with Openstreetmaps we could establish a collaboration.  Who can I talk to about this?

In solidarity,
Jason Nardi

Il martedì 24 febbraio 2015, jon richter <post@jonrichter.de> ha scritto:
Good evening Jason,

so happy you are still with us and writing in the perfect moment, as I
am just coming back from a Hacksprint in Witzenhausen with Gualter [1]
and setting up my new working desk [2] to get on with intensively
writing a TransforLab H2020 Application [3] and leading it to a
successful formulation [4].

After sitting with François Schneider, who was just around and didn't
object our approaches too much, we're even more confident of our proposal.

Actually RIPESS is one of the last missing building blocks to a strong
consortium. As we already have a couple organisations from Germany,
France and Great Britain in closer consideration, we want to ask if
RIPESS Spain wants to join TransforLab.
An official invitation is due this week; now you just created facts

If there is sincere interest, please write back to


so we can keep respective persons into the loop.

For any other cooperation possibilities in regards of TransforMap, I
will let the others talk.

Keen on anything that's in front of us,

Jon Richter

important link:

[3] http://h2020.transformap.co + http://transforlab.net

context noise links:

[1] http://timemapper.okfnlabs.org/almereyda/transforlab-timemap#1 +
[2] https://twitter.com/almereyda/status/570313060101033984

On 24.02.2015 14:33, Jason Nardi wrote:
> Dear Silke,
> and dear Transformappers,
> thanks for the thorough update.  Wow, what an achievement so far!
> I would really like to be able to start participating to your activities,
> not just as individual... so
> I have 4 proposals / suggestions I'd like to share with you:
> 1. Find ways for a participation / collaboration with RIPESS - Solidarity
> Economy Europe network, throughout the membership in several of the
> European countries.  One example could be with the survey RIPESS is
> launching in March for the "Panorama of Solidarity Economy in Europe" -
> where there could certainly be overlapping and info sharing - but also
> co-promotion...
> 2. Same with the ESSGlobal group, which is still active and advancing on
> the international interoperability and open-linked data / semantic web use
> for the mappings - there has been a first exchange with Joseph - probably
> we should have some more exchanges so we don't just continue going in
> parallel:  I think there are many common aspects to explore where we could
> work together;
> 3. I can try to participate to the first test in my town, Florence
> (Italy).  We already have a local Solidarity and Alternative Economy
>  network and I'm positive that many will be interested / willing to map
> their initiatives or share their info.
> 4. Finally, with the Italian CNR (National Research Center) my organization
> Solidarius is working on a European project proposal (Horizon 2020) for a
> portal on "economic intelligence" that is an evolution of the one developed
> by Solidarius International (Euclides Mance, Brasil - you remember him from
> the degrowth conference).  Part of that is also about mapping and data
> collection and I think the approach Trasformap has developed could be very
> useful as well. Perhaps we could have a partnership in such a project (we
> would also need a University o Research center to partner).  Other
> countries, besides Italy and Germany, are probably going to be Portugal and
> Spain (and maybe Greece).
> That's all folks...!
> In solidarity,
> Jason Nardi
> www.solidarius.it
> www.ripess.eu
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> collective@transformap.co> wrote:
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>> Betreff: Re: TransforMap  Global Mapping Month and update / Taxonomy
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>> Von: Silke Helfrich <silke.helfrich@gmx.de>
>> ALERT: @transforMappers: If there are mistakes in the following message,
>> please correct me! + at the very end, there is some new information re.
>> the partners for the intl. testmapping
>> Dear all,
>> first of all: amis québecois, I am so sorry for the delay, I have been
>> involved in too many processes lately, but as far as TransforMap is
>> concerned the reason for the delay in informing You, our international
>> peers and (hopefully) co-mappers, is a really good one:
>> First of all, we've managed to set up sth. like an initial governance
>> structure:
>> http://blog.14mmm.org/transformap-has-a-working-structure-and-its-wild/
>> That is; we went through an internal process of urgently needed f2f
>> conversations and decision making and are now able to divide the myriad
>> of tasks more swiftly.
>> And secondly: we made a proposal to the European Union within their
>> CHEST project : http://www.chest-project.eu/
>> Tatataaaa, we were pre-selected, meaning that now everybody is overly
>> busy with preparing the documents for the final selection process, this
>> would help us to finance especially the programming and the coordination
>> work for the next year and beyond.
>> Moreover we have been preparing the test-mapping process and tools + the
>> partnerships to go international, for instance with Shareable in the US.
>> All of us are very aware of the fact that we urgently need some basic
>> information in English, and we will work on that as soon as we get two
>> funding proposals (the one to the EU and another one) off desk.
>> We are already working on it:
>> http://discourse.transformap.co/t/self-description-of-transformap/164
>> Now; where are we at with the taxonomy and with the testmapping?
>> Taxonomy: We've FINALLY made our decisions about the three most
>> important category-groups: That is:
>> - needs   ---> ready for translation into French, Finish and many other
>> languages (see
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:KartenKarsten/futureMap#Needs_fulfilled_by_a_community
>> - mode of interaction ---> ready for translation into French, Finish and
>> many other languages
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:KartenKarsten/futureMap#Mode_of_Interaction
>> - self-description of the community ----> we made the final decisions,
>> that is: We know know which tribes we wanna start with, but we still
>> need to finish the short descriptions in English (so, it is not yet
>> ready for translation)
>> Here are "the tribes";
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:KartenKarsten/futureMap#Self-description_of_a_community
>> As you can easily see: this is a project of CONVERGENCE; it cannot be
>> otherwise. So, while we work together on TransforMap we enact TAPAs
>> (There Are Plenty of Alternatives) and we network in real life (instead
>> of only talking about the need to network)
>> It is important to note that for TranforMap (not for OSM of course), the
>> self-identification with one of these OR OTHER communities will be
>> mandatory; I can explain this later. But this is the only way to - at
>> the end - generate a global map, where we can make "all commons"
>> visible, or "all solidarity economy projects" or simply "all TAPAs"-
>> more on this later (because this only applies to the TransforMap layer,
>> not for OSM (as we don't control the handling of categories, tags and
>> data on OSM.
>> We are also collecting the so called "Points of Interest", as this is
>> sth. the common mapper (and user) is very interested in.
>> Making the decisions about the taxonomy has been key for programming the
>> testmapping tools, and again... it took us a while to get everything
>> done. But now we have two options.
>> - the first one is to collect data via our TRANSFORTESTIONAIRE:
>> https://docs.google.com/a/getactive.org/forms/d/16LpwkNrL9YtX2-UknMO1M8k0_w06QZVHa9kkj0IQoYE/viewform
>> All tags are updated to the current state of the taxonomy!
>> You can use it RIGHT NOW, the only BUT is, that data will be collected
>> and need to be transferred manually to OSM later, but it helps us to get
>> the testmapping done and get feedback on the Taxonomy,
>> - the second is, that our programmers (some magic is in there, I swear
>> you), are about to finish a prototype for the online testmapping
>> (needing a few more days) and that the current state of the taxonomy
>> finally allows to work on the official and user friendly entry mask.
>> So; If you wanna start testmapping right now: GO FOR IT and use our
>> transfortestionaire,
>> If you wanna wait for another tool, bear with us.
>> You might not be surprised that giving the huzzle and buzzle in the
>> whole process we finally decided that we will move the testmapping days
>> to a testmapping month, that is MAY 2015
>> According to your advice, dear friends in Canada, we suggest to organize
>> testmappings at a few spots, that is: wide and exhaustive testmappings
>> in 5 or 6 cities in different regions/continents instead of a bit of
>> testmapping everywhere.
>> Our ideas for the moment:
>> please focus on a selected place/ city or rural region)
>> USA - Partner: Shareable (please focus on a
>> Canada - Partner: REmix the Commons/ OSM Montreal/ Others -> I guess it
>> will be Montreal
>> FRANCE - Partner: ? - there will be certainly a wonderful opportunity at
>> the Ouishare -Fest
>> AUSTRIA - Partner: OSM Graz/ ELEVATE/ OTHERS: -> Graz
>> GERMANY - Partner: Anstiftung/Ertomis and Others mainly TransforMappers
>> --> Munich and/or Berlin
>> FINLAND - http://www.commons.fi/ -> selected place in Finland
>> The list is open!
>> We now need to start the global conversation about the testmapping and
>> can use our global mmm list for it (the one I am cceing); at the same
>> time we are trying to get some funds for the test-mapping process.
>> - if you are interested in the process
>> - if you need follow-up information
>> - if you can contribute sth (proposals/ translations/ partnership for
>> testmapping/ whatever idea and resources)
>> If I forgot to respond to any of your questions, I will be happy to do
>> so asap.
>> Please forgive me that I won't re-read and correct my e-mail, but I
>> still have to phone conferences waiting for me tonight :-)
>> Many, many thanks for all the support you've provided so far
>> Silke
>> for the TransforMappers in Germany and Austria
>>> @Silke :
>>> Does the Global Mapping Day of Marsh 6th and 7th confirmed ? Do you have
>>> any material we can use to promote and mobilize people there ? Thanks
>>> for your information.
>>> Best
>>> Fred
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